November 27, 2020

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Civic values

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Civic values are those virtues and character traits which help a country to grow and develop. When such values are imbibed by the majority of the citizens in a country, there will be unity and progress.
Examples of civic values.

Obedience means doing what one is told to do. A good citizen obeys the
government. Every citizen must comply with the provisions of the Constitution. People should obey all the laws, rules and regulations made by their government.

Citizens must give respect to the ideals, institutions and symbols of the
country. Respect should be given to the national flag and the national anthem.
Any citizen who does this is a loyal citizen.

The love for one’s country, and readiness to defend her, is known as
patriotism. A patriotic citizen must be ready to defend the country against
internal and external enemies. A patriotic citizen must be ready to render
national or military service to the country.

Dedication as a civic value involves giving a lot of one’s time, energy and efforts to the democratic processes and practices in one’s country. It involves being committed to the national goal.


Honest citizens do not cheat. They tell the truth and pay their taxes correctly.
Honesty involves telling the truth at all times.

A selfless citizen considers the interest of others first. When we put the need of others in society before our own need, we will be promoting love in the society.

The need for civic values in the country

1. They promote democracy: A patriotic citizen will love his or her country and will do everything for the glory of that country. Such citizens will vote, pay their taxes and report criminals to the police.

2. They promote human rights: When citizens imbibe civic values, they know that as they enjoy their rights as citizens of the country, they should also allow others to enjoy their own rights.
3. Civic values promote economic development: When citizens imbibe these values, the economic growth of the country will be steady because citizens will be willing to pay their taxes. Payment of taxes is important because it enables the government to have money for the provision of social amenities and even industries. People will secure jobs or employment when government has sufficient money to build industries.
4. They promote peace and harmony: When citizens obey the rules and regulations, the nation will be safe and peaceful.

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