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Types of computers

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Types of computers

There are three types of computers. They are:
1 the analog computer which is used for measuring things. Examples are the thermometer, car speedometer, rain gauge, blood pressure machine and scale machine.

2 the digital computer which is used for counting. Examples are the digital wristwatch, calculator and digital thermometer.

3 the hybrid computer which is used for both counting and measurement. An example is the electronic fuel pumping machine.

Sizes of computers

There are four different sizes of computers.
They are:
1 microcomputers
2 minicomputers
3 mainframe computers
4 supercomputers
Microcomputers are the smallest computers while the supercomputers are the largest.

Generations of computers

Each new computer was better than the one before it. Each new type of computer is therefore known as a generation of computers.
Generations of computers are the stages the computer has passed through before becoming what we now have as computers.
There are five stages of development or generations of the computer. Each stage of
development is a generation of the computer.

First generation computers

When computers were first made, they were large and costly. They gave out heat when used. They were also slow in making calculations and could only store very few items of information. They also needed much electricity before they could be used.

Second generation computers

Soon, the large, costly and slow computers were no longer used by many people. New computers which were cheaper and smaller
than the first ones had been made. These were the second generation computers.
These new computers stored many more items of information than the earlier computers. They also used less electricity. These second generation computers worked faster than the first generation computers.

Third generation computers

In the third generation computers, the electric pathways were all joined together as one, inside the computers. This was called an integrated circuit. Electricity therefore moved very fast through the computers.
The third generation computers were cheaper, smaller and faster than the second generation computers. They also used less electricity and gave out less heat when used.
Many people soon began to use the third generation computers.

Fourth generation computers

The type of computers we use today are the fourth generation computers. The electric pathways are even more completely joined together inside the computers. They are therefore said to have large-scale integrated circuits.
The large-scale integrated circuits have made the fourth generation computers better than all the earlier ones. They are smaller, cheaper and store more items of information than the third generation computers.

The fourth generation computers also use less electricity and are faster than the third generation computers.
The fourth generation computers have made computers to be well known all over the world.

Fifth generation computers

The makers of computers are still working hard to make even better computers. These are the fifth generation computer.
They are the next generation of computers. Scientists think that these computers will act like human beings.

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