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Harmful substances

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Meaning and examples of harmful substances

Harmful substances are food, water, fruits, and drugs that are unfit for us to take into our body. We can get ill if we eat dirty food or drink dirty water. We can also get ill if we buy and take bad or expired drugs.

Examples of harmful substances

The substances that are harmful to our bodies include:
1 Rotten food
2 Expired tinned foods or drugs
3 Unripe fruits
4 Impure (dirty) water
5 Poorly cooked food
6 Infested foods: Foods that have been exposed to dirt and germs.
7 Too much alcohol
8 Cigarette

 Dangers of harmful substances to the body

The following are the different dangers harmful substance can bring to our bodies.
1 Drinking dirty water causes sickness to the body.
2 Taking harmful substances affect the way we grow.
3 Eating unripe fruit causes stomachache.
4 Taking expired drugs can lead to another illness or even death.
5 Smoking cigarette may cause lung diseases.
6 A driver that takes excess alcohol may have accident.

Ways of preventing intake of harmful substances

Ways of preventing or avoiding intake of harmful substances include:

1 Avoid taking expired food or drug.
2 Avoid eating food that are not cooked well.
3 Do not eat unripe fruits.
4 Take only drugs that are prescribed by the doctor.
5 Avoid eating sour foods.
6 Do not pick up food on the floor and eat.
7 Avoid alcohol and cigarette.


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