November 22, 2020

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Meaning and importance of social studies

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Meaning of Social Studies



1 Social Studies is the study of man and his environment.

2 Social Studies is the study of how man lives with other people in the society.

3 Social Studies is the study of how man provides answers to his problems.

Can you live alone in your compound? How many of you live in your compound?

Man cannot live alone. He must play and talk with other people.
Man has also made many things to make his life better. Some of these things are cars, houses, roads, books, bicycles and toys.
We use all these things every day to make life good for us.

Other things in our environment

They are other things we see in our environment. Those things were not made by us. They were created (made) by God. Examples are trees, rivers and mountains.
We need trees in our compound to make our lives comfortable.
We also fetch water from the river to wash our clothes.
• Our environment is also called our surroundings.
• Our environment is made up of two parts. They are the social and physical environments. We will discuss them one by one.

1 Social environment: We live with people in our surroundings. Some of them are our relatives while others are our friends. This is what we call our social environment.
The people we live with and how we work or play together is called our social environment.
These people can be our family members, our friends, our schoolmates, our workmates or our neighbours.

2 Physical environment: These are the things in our surroundings that we can see and touch. Examples are rocks, rivers, mountains, trees, houses and roads.
We see many of these things in our surroundings. We make some of them while others are given to us by God.
Those things that are given to us by God are also called nature or natural environment.

Our physical environment is useful to us because:

a) we fetch water from the river.
b) we walk on the road.
c) we sleep in the house.
d) we use rock to build our roads.

Importance of Social Studies

The importance of Social Studies means the ways Social Studies helps us. Social Studies helps us:
1 to know how people are different from one another.
2 to understand the behaviour of people.
3 to know why we need markets, schools, mosques and churches in our community.
4 to know about our country, Nigeria, and her leaders.
5 to know about our physical environment like mountains, trees, houses and rivers.
6 to know about the earth and the people and the things in it.
7 to know how people work and play together.
8 to know how to solve the problems in our environment.
9 to obey the laws of our country.
10 to relate well with members of our family and other people.


1 What is Social Studies?
2 Mention two (2) types of environment.
3 Write two (2) importance of studying Social Studies.
4 Write five (5) examples of physical environment.
5 What is social environment?
6 Write five (5) things in our environment that are man-made (made by man).
7 Write five (5) things in our environment that are given to us by God.

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